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Ways to contact me

Wanna get in touch to help with my projects, or to get help with one of my projects, or you just wanna have a friendly chat with me? Here are all of the ways you can reach out. The colored dots represent the level of trust of the platform when it comes to private or confidential conversations.

✉️ Email: me@gianmarco.ga 🟠 (🟢 if with GPG keys)

🔑 GPG key for encrypting text or files: click here

🖥️ Matrix: @gianmarcogg03:matrix.org 🟢 (if with end-to-end encryption)

📱 Telegram: @gianmarcogg03 🟠

👩🏼‍🦰 Keybase: @gianmarcogg03 🟠

🎮 Discord (I don’t use it very often): Gianmarco#8170 🔴

Notice about Discord: I got locked out of my account because they want me to input a phone number again, of course I’m not doing that which means that I can’t use my Discord account at all for now.

You can also DM me on my social media profiles (🔴).

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or email me@gianmarco.ga